How to ensure the safety for girls when they are living along in hotel?

2019-11-01 17:14:58 admins
We usually hear some news about security like that some hotel is not safety or some communities have been burglary.So many single girls are very afraid when they live along at home or in the hotel.So How to ensure the safety for girls ?Today we instruduce a new product-portable door jammer.

This travel personal protection security device is lightly and has a beautiful color red or black.It is just 0.331kg very convenient to carry.Now put it under the bottom of the door.Usually the door bottom to the floor need 5cm distance.And the door jammer's leg can be rotatable to adjust the height for fitting the door gap distance.There is a piece highly non-slip safety mat under the jammar leg.
The casted zinc alloy body strengthen the ability to stop violent opening door.Even though a stronger man can not open the door from outside now.

If you are selling lock-security device of home security door ,I suggest you buy this new product for it is very hot sell now.