desk divider to solve the big problem

2020-06-09 17:58:05 admins
    This panel can effectively prevent the spread of droplets, so that employees can also do a good job of epidemic prevention when eating, and reduce the chance of cross infection. desk privacy panel  was sent to the company. We are very moved. In fact, the company has been worried about the cross infection caused by droplets when employees eat. Now we have solved this very headache. Since the enterprise returned to work, the leader in epidemic prevention has given a lot of guidance and help, and now he has helped to solve the biggest problem.
    At the scene, we can see that clamp on privacy acrylic desk divider is very easy to be installed on the clip. This kind of "eating partition artifact" divides a table into four relatively independent spaces. When employees eat, they can hear the sound, but they can't see the people. Energy efficiency prevents the droplets from spreading to the neighboring seats when employees eat and communicate. In fact, with more and more enterprises returning to work, how to do a good job in epidemic prevention, especially how to do a good job in epidemic prevention when employees eat, reduce the chance of cross infection, has become a problem that has been pondered with the owners of enterprises.
    The "food partition artifact" made of acrylic and clamp has low cost and good effect, which can effectively prevent the spread of droplets, and is a great help for epidemic prevention.Gorgeous hardware production and sales desk partitions office desk dividers, can customize the size of each customer, to solve customer installation problems.

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