light duty automatic spring door closer home depot door self closing fittings

2020-06-11 19:27:15 admins
    The door closer, simply speaking, is similar to a spring, which is installed on the door. Its function is to close the door automatically after the door is opened. Its characteristic is that it can accurately close the door to the initial position. closer home depot are widely used in our life. It is mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but also for household use. The light spring door closer introduced today is mainly used for room door, toilet door, passing door, opening the door and closing the door automatically. automatic door closer is made of aluminum alloy, with bright color,white color,black color,gold color and champagne color.Scush  maximum weight of the door is 45 kg. The speed of closing the door can be adjusted by adjusting the hexagon screw at the top. The biggest feature is that the installation is very simple and fast, and there is no problem in the installation by yourself. Gorgeous hardware manufacturing door closer fittings, and hot sale global, can make packing for customers and OEM.

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