Why use sliding glass door

2020-07-01 19:20:38 admins
    Why use sliding glass door.
    Because the moving door partition can play the role of artistic beautification, and has the characteristics of flexible opening and folding and easy relocation, it has always been paid attention to by people, and is regarded as an important appliance for decorating the room. This is of more practical significance to people who are not well-off today. Balcony, kitchen, study, is advantageous to the change of a bedroom on the arrangement and the convenience of life. Or it can be used as an enclosure angle to expand the space effectively. In the modeling of the sliding door and various titanium magnesium alloy styles, it can also reflect the master's artistic hobby, thus strengthening the indoor artistic atmosphere.

   sliding door wheels is generally made of titanium magnesium alloy (many of them are made of silicon magnesium aluminum alloy), and the forms of glass matching are transparent, translucent, closed and hollow. For the interval, generally closed type is better, the height is slightly higher than the horizontal line of sight. To surround the corner, you can use the hollowed out style, which is lively and lively. If it is used to block people's sight,barn door hardware  is suggested that the screen should be made into a 90 degree right angle form. If only used as decoration, transparent or translucent effect is better. Different seasons can also choose different texture, different colors, can make the room appears fresh and cool. There are many kinds of moving doors in China. Leather art, wood plastic, glass wardrobe door, these more decorative effect. In furnishing should be coordinated with the overall home environment.